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everything’s fine is a real life site based in the fictional town of pine bridge, colorado centered around the families and the inhabitants of the town and the secrets they all have hidden away.track our tag for more information and updates!


elastic heart is a real life, rapid fire, high school boarding school w/ cliques / college greek life / city roleplay set in the fictional city of las palomas, california. track the tag #elasticrp and follow us here for updates and pre-site fun.

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teen wolf meme (2/2 otps): stiles & lydia

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hello mr. sun

// a georgia perry playlist //

001 hello mr. sun || joe brooks 002 big parade || the lumineers 003 out on the town || fun. 004 on top of the world || imagine dragons 005 after the storm || mumford and sons 006 while listening to rock and roll || the maine 007 home || edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros 008 anything || hedley 009 the power of love || gabrielle aplin 010 she is love || parachute 011 coin laundry || lisa mitchell


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